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Vcard – Charlotte Jacques

Hey, my name is Charlotte. I’m 21 years old (in 2018) and I’m currently living in Gembloux, a lonely town in the neighborhood of Namur, Belgium.
I’m a rational person but with the head in the stars. I’m also a team player, a very sociable and creative woman. I’m able to take decisions, thoughtfull decisions under pressure and I’m not scared easily.
I like spending my time watching TV serie, doing sports, especially basketball and enging out with my family. But thank to my studies I discovered a new hobby : I love coding, designing websites, doing layouts for print and typography. It became obvious that I had to work in this environment.
What do I want to do or to be later? I don’t no yet. But I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really have any plan for my future career. For now I just take each day as it comes with my friends and family. Sure, if I have to rewrite this text again in a few years, my plans will be different. But for now I prefer not to think too much about it.

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