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Hello !

I’m Mailys Fernandes, is in love with Web Design, Interface / UX and Mobile

I work in the world of web design oriented UX Design. I have always loved to imagine and especially to create, I have a rather creative and open mind.In my free time, I wear my baskets on foot, music in my ears, that’s where I feel alive. Surrounded by animals and family, I do not need more.

I am looking for an internship for my last year of study, so do not hesitate to contact me by clicking on the links that are available next door.

Parlons design

Concernant le design, j’ai choisi de rester le plus simple et le plus sobre possible en y ajoutant une touche de couleur qu’est le rose afin de donner du punch et du dynamisme au site.

J’ai préconisé des typographies assez simples qui reste dans l’univers du site, elles permettent aussi une lecture fluide et facile.


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